LoopWorx Hip Hop

LoopWorx Hip Hop 1.0

LoopWorx Hip Hop acts as a recording studio to make creative sounds and editing

LoopWorx Hip Hop edition is a tool which acts as a recording studio to make creative sounds and editing. The software allows multiple tracks editing and remixing. The loop browser has a wide selection of effects like bass, brass, drum, guitar, etc. The master selection helps in the selection of tempo and snap. Drum computer is a feature that adds variation to the different effects added to the sound. There are eight tracks and several audio effects.

The Hip Hop contains many loops that can be selected while editing. The Time stretching feature results in an excellent quality output. The recording and playback is possible via any audio device compatible with windows. The StudioTime stretching engine helps in automatic adjustment of the loops according to the project tempo. The volume can be adjusted with each playing track to synchronize the effect into one output file. The volume controller can fade in and out the tracks. In drum computer specific selections can be made to select the decibels and total the effect required. Each effect and option can be customized.

Master and track effects can be used with an option to preview these effects in a real-time mode. There are various effects like high quality reverb, echo, equalizer, limiter and distortion. It supports major file formats.

LoopWorx Hip Hop is a software with which a user can create unlimited music according to their capability. It also features customization of equalizer. These customized equalizers can be stored later. Users can create their own compositions, tunes and download songs directly to MP3 player.

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  • Tools can be customized


  • Complicated editing controls
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